Rotor Protection Guards, FADER, Drone, Spare Parts

Rotor Protection Guards for FADER (4x)

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Test your skills and master tricks without worry with these Rotor Protection Guards for FADER.

These guards keep FADER's rotor blades in great shape throughout your flight, neatly surrounding the propellers and enhancing the drone's ability to withstand any unexpected bumps!

Composed of ultra durable plastic, the Rotor Protection Guards helps to keep your FADER in the air even if you bump into obstacles. It also helps to stabilize the drone, especially during landings.

To replace a broken or lost guard, simply snap the replacement Rotor Protection Guards into place, aligning the outline with the shape of the propellers. You’ll be back in the air in no time, ready for whatever, and wherever, your next FADER flight brings you.

Package Contents:

  • 4x Rotor Protection Guards for FADER